Christmas Personal Games Shopper

November 27, 2020

Not sure what games to get the loved ones in your life? We're here to help!

You can now book a 15-minute session with one of The Ludoquist's  expert Games Gurus. We will sit with you, discuss what they might want, and make recommendations.

If it's a game that we have both in the library and shop, we may be able to look inside a box with you so you can see and understand what the game is like. 

You can book a session by going to our booking page and selecting Personal Shopper as a booking type. There will be a £3 non-refundable deposit, but this will go against the purchase of any games. Only 2 people can attend a session.

Covid Guidance

We will wear a face covering throughout the the session. We will expect you to also wear a mask unless you are also consuming food or drink. (If you are exempt, it would be helpful to wear a lanyard/badge).

We will hand-sanitize before handling any games to show you.

Preparing for the session

So as to maximize your time, we'd suggest;

  • Please turn up on time or a couple of minutes early; if we have another appointment scheduled, we will not be able to extend yours
  • Please feel free to bring along photos which might indicate interests - these might incude;
    • Pictures of a game collection
    • Posters on a teen wall
    • Photos of a kid's toy collection
  • Have a think about what interests or hobbies your giftee has - maybe even jot them down in a little note so you don't forget.




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