Playing Marvel Champions at The Ludoquist

July 29, 2021

Playing Marvel Champions at The Ludoquist

Marvel Champions has seen huge growth through the pandemic and lockdown.It's soloabale, brash, and fun; but it launched more or less jsut before the Pandemic hit, so people haven't been able to play very much together.

As we move, cautiously, out of lockdown, we've been thinking and discussing how we can best convert that solo experience into a multiplayer experience for those who haven't multi-played before. Here's our plan;


  • We will be meeting every Tuesday from 6.30pm at The Ludoquist. We will meet outside and divide into tables of four before going inside to play.
  • We will set up (secret) randomized villains so that each superteam will be able to just sit down and starat Thwarting!
  • We will have available superhero decks for those who can't bring their own deck, either ongoing or in a particular week.  
  • Visitors will be very welcome to join for just one week
  • There will be a £2.50 session fee per evening
  • Sign-ups will be on meetup 
  • Our first event, The Origin, will be on 3rd August

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