Changes for 19th July

July 13, 2021

The Prime Minister and Health Secretary yesterday announced the ‘final’ removal of restrictions for Monday 19th July. While they have removed all legal restrictions, we are advised to live our lives and businesses ‘with caution’.  


Through the last 18 months of the pandemic, it has been hard at times to match central government recommendations with practical details on the ground – for some reason, detailed advice for board game cafes has been missing 😊.  This is particularly true today.


We will be making the following changes at The Ludoquist;

  • We will be returning some (but not all) of our tables, going from about 50% capacity to 75%
  • We will continue to leave our doors open to ensure as much ventilation as possible
  • While we will allow ordering from the bar, we will be continuing to offer and recommend table service
  • We will still be keeping games sessions (when we are most crowded) to three hours
  • We will take *great* pleasure in ripping down the Covid signs from the front door and the screens from our lovely bar
  • It will be optional for staff to wear masks, but having talked to our colleagues we believe most of them will wear masks most of the time, for both your and their ongoing security
  • We will be allowing bookings of more than 6, but they will need to be by email or phone arrangement
  • We will be starting to arrange organised games sessions for RPGs and LCG games
  • From the 19th July, we will be starting to arrange our Future Fun-der sessions. We will be contacting groups individually about these; because of the August holiday period, our expectation is that adult sessions are likely to happen in September.
  • We will no longer be quarantining games – which enables us to remove some of the multiple copies of games
  • We will be bringing back some games that needed too much time, but will still not be bringing back some of the close contact games ( like In a Bind/Yogi, Happy Salmon)

We will be closing during the day on Monday the 19th in order to play around with moving tables and games, and reopening that evening at 5pm. We look forward to seeing you, cautiously, back!

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