Our Vision

February 03, 2017

Our Vision

We love playing games. Games of skill, games of chance. War games and trading games. Euro games and Ameritrash.

We love playing games so much that we want the best place possible to play them in. And if it's the best possible place for us, it will be the best possible place for you, the serious gamer.

We're going to have a wide range of games, of course. But we're also aiming to have the best possible version of games. So, we're going to have expansions to many of our games. We're going to have a range of metal coins for games that use them – Roman, Greek, Sci-Fi, fantasy, and more. We're going to have special meeples and 3D pieces (For wood, food, ore, coffee). We're going to support the industry through Kickstarter, and get not just early releases of games, but also the best editions – for example, we already have the SmallWorld Designers edition and the Catan 10th Anniversary 3D edition.

Along with the best games, we're going to have decent food and drink. Yummy home made curries, chillies and stews will complement the usual range of sandwiches and snacks. We'll sell local craft beers and specially chosen wines, as well as proper cappuccinos and lattes.

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