D-Day for Forces Support

May 24, 2018

D-Day for Forces Support

It started with an innocuous Facebook post over on Board Game Trading and Chat. Someone mentioned that they were playing Memoir '44 that night. I replied saying we'd wondered about doing a D-Day something-or-other on June 6th. 

An hour later and there was a plan to run Operation Neptune - that's the whole of the Memoir '44 D-Day scenarios - through the day. For those who are unaware, Memoir '44 is the Days of Wonder wargame about World War 2. It uses a small amount of miniatures, hexes, and dice to give a fairly light introduction  to wargaming. Each battle is typically 45 - 60 minutes or so. 

Each of the D-Day maps, though, use the Breakthrough system to show a much bigger area of battle, and are longer games. Operation Neptune combines all 6 of these to make a map that is  172" by 64".

We've worked out how many little army guys we need  and it's over 500 for each side <gulp>, 6 decks of hard-to-get cards, and more dice than we currently have.

We're working on it all!

 You can sign up to play or donate here

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