Covid 19 Security

May 20, 2020

Ludoquist COVID Safety



The Ludoquist has always taken the safety of our customers and staff extremely seriously.  We advised our staff in February that if they were unwell in any way that they should stay home and we would pay them full wages, and we continued to pay them before the furlough scheme was announced.

 We closed our doors on the 17th March, several days before the Government mandated closure for hospitality businesses.

We continue to have staff and customer welfare at the top of our minds as we plan in what way we can safely reopen. We have largely based our strategy on the information contained at , and have been fortunate to be able to call on a leading UK biosecurity consultant for further advice.

We do not expect that we will be able to open for playing games any time soon; we continue to urge our customers to play games online and within their households (and feel free to purchase from our home delivery service at, of course😊).

We are however going to open for takeaway only for a limited range of food and drink. Games will need to be ordered online for pickup.

Access to The Ludoquist

Customers will only be allowed to enter The Ludoquist from our main double doors on the High Street. These will be kept open to a) prevent contamination on door handles, and b) to increase ventilation flow.

2 Meter markers will be clearly delineated for customers queuing outside. This queue will go towards South Croydon, avoiding any proximity to the pedestrian crossing.

On entering, there will be a clearly marked one-way system. 2 metre markings will make clear that each person should stay within their own area. Only two people will be allowed waiting to order at any one time. Only contactless devices will be accepted for payment.

We ask customers not to touch anything on entering until they receive their goodies. We also strongly encourage our customers to wear face coverings, and will be offering a 5% discount to all who do so (On food and drink).

After ordering, customers will be asked to move through the one-way system (still within their own 2 meter markings) to await pickup. Only two people will be able to await pickup at any one time. On pickup of their order, customers will be asked to follow the one-way system through to the exit on Mint Walk.

We will provide and stir in sugar and milk into hot drinks.

The Mint Walk exit will not be accessible to wheelchair users. If a (very welcome) wheelchair user enters The Ludoquist, we will take their order and deliver it at the entrance. No new customers will be allowed to enter until the wheelchair user has safely left the building, to ensure that 2m distancing is maintained.

Toilets will not be available to customers.


Staff Safety


Firstly, it is important to note that none of our staff are being pressured to work; we believe that our colleagues should only work (under any circumstances) when they feel safe.

There will be Perspex/plastic protective screens between our customers and staff.

Our bar is large enough that our staff can safely maintain two meters distance, both from each other and customers.

Staff will wear face-coverings at all times, in line with current Government suggestions.

Staff will wear wash hands regularly.

Staff will wipe down all surfaces that they see touched by customers, but in any case wipe down all customer-contact surfaces every hour.

You can see our one-way system here:

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