Visiting us

Visiting the Ludoquist

The Ludoquist is a board game café. Visitors are welcome to just come and enjoy our yummy pizzas and paninis, have a naughty cocktail or shake or relax with one of our craft beers; but most people come to play games.

We have over 1000 games available to play, ranging from Hungry Hippos and stacking games for 2-year-olds all the way to massive strategy games with hundreds of pieces for the dedicated gamer! You can go on a voyage of discovery – the best known, easier games are at the front, the more complex obscure ones at the back – or ask us for advice.

When you arrive, please wait to be seated at the front podium. Your greeter will briefly let you know how the game library works, where the retail section is, and point out any games sections that might be of interest as they guide you to your table; then you’re free to browse the games library and choose some fun!

We now provide table service though a buzzer system which will summon one of our colleagues to talk to you. You can see our fab food menu and delicious drinks menu online. Please note that we don't allow external food and drink, other than prearranged birthday cakes.

Our games sessions are for 3 hours during the day (though at quieter times we will try to extend these if requested). Sessions have no limit if they start after 6pm (Until we close, anyway – our colleagues do need to sleep sometimes)!

We are primarily an electronic payment venue. We can take cash if necessary, but please NB that we don't keep change on site.



Under 16

Monday-Thursday 3pm – 10pm



Friday 2pm-11pm £7 £3.50

Saturday  11am-11pm



Sunday 11am-8pm £7 £3.50

Bank Holidays 12 pm-Close




We highly recommend booking in advance for evenings and weekends!

While everyone is welcome at the Ludoquist, there are specific groups that may need to know more.

Special Events

You are very welcome to join us for your stag, birthday, wedding, or other celebration - please email us at if you think you may need special arrangements!

Large groups

For groups over 6 people, we ask that you write to to arrange. While we will try to get everyone seated together, for any group over 6 we may need to spread you over two or more tables.


Families of all ages are very welcome with us. We have baby-changing facilities (and offer a weekday Mums and Babies special). The Ludoquist is all about interaction, and it’s a pleasure to see parents and grandparents playing with the kids with not a screen in sight!

As parents ourselves, we understand the joy of relaxing and letting the kids play (While we have a lovely coffee or sneaky cocktail), but we are not a soft-play area where you can just let the kids go and burn off energy. To get the most from the experience, we highly recommend that parents sit and play with the kids.

All the generations together

Date nights

The Ludoquist is perfect for date nights. For first dates, interacting over boardgames is a great way to break the ice without getting too personal. If you’ve been going out for a while, we’re an excellent alternative to dates that are just about movies, food, or drink.

We have a section of dedicated two player games. These range from the casual Connect 4 or Draughts all the way to massive complex games if you want to burn your brain together!
Matt & Alicia enjoying coffee and games


Our canine friends are very welcome at The Ludoquist. Do please be aware, we can get pretty noisy and bustly, so we are not necessarily the best place for shy pups. Please do share piccies under #dogsoftheludoquist !


Longer sessions

Some games are likely to take more than 3 hours. We do try to accommodate longer sessions,  but we are much more likely to be able to do so on a Sunday than a Saturday.

Big game of Eclipse


Opening Times 

We are open:

Outside School Holidays:

Monday - Thursday  3 pm- 10pm
Friday  2 pm-11pm
Saturday 11am - 11pm
Sunday 11am - 8pm

During School Holidays:

Monday - Thursday 12pm - 10pm
Friday  12pm - 11pm
Saturday 11am - 11pm
Sunday 11am - 8pm