Arkham Horror Drop-In Campaigns

July 22, 2021


Arkham Horror Core Box

Arkham Horror the Card Game has seen huge growth through the pandemic and lockdown. For some reason, a soloable game of existential angst that can consume lots of time has been very popular...

As we move, cautiously, out of lockdown, we've been thinking and discussing how we can best convert that solo experience into a multiplayer experience for those who haven't multi-played before. Here's our plan;


  • We will be meeting every Monday from 6.30pm at The Ludoquist. We will meet outside and divide into tables of four before going inside to play.
  • We will keep track of each campaign - XP, notes, decisions.
  • Each week, people will be able to stay in their original campaign, or not - if you miss a week, the campaign will continue. While we will try to make it so everyone is in the campaign they want, in case of a clash we will do a DrawBag random decision
  • We will be providing the encounter decks and  setting up each scenario in advance for ongoing campaigns
  • We will have available starter investigator decks for those who can't bring their own deck, either ongoing or in a particular week.  
  • Occassional visitors will be very welcome to join for just one week
  • There will be a £2.50 session fee per evening
  • We will keep track of each campaign on the Ludoquist discord 
  • Sign-ups will be on meetup 
  • Our first event, The Initiation, will be on 26th July

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