Regular Meetups


Not got someone to play with? Want to learn new games and meet new people? Along with the local gaming community, we run meetups most week nights.

On Mondays and Wednesdays from 6.30, Croydon Board Gamers run boardgame nights. These are arranged through meetup, and you do need to sign up for them in advance. Mondays are for newcomers, Wednesdays assume that you pretty much know what you are doing for heavier games.

We run a Welcome to new games and gamers on Thursday evenings. This is aimed at very casual gamers, and we will be available to teach new games.


Specific Games

Role-Playing Games

You are very welcome to book a table to run your own Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, or other role-playing game. We also run drop-in D&D evenings every Tuesday , where you can just turn up for an evening of RP fun. No dice or books are needed, just you and your imagination – sessions start from 6.30 – though we do also sell a wide range of RPG books and dice.

Arkham Horror the Card Game

Arkham Horror is a game of dread and existential angst where players take on the role of investigators of dark horror. It has a strong narrative arc married to excellent mechanics, and does not assume victory is a binary thing; you can “win” Arkham in awful ways.

We have drop-in campaigns of Arkham Horror every Monday evening. We keep track of what is going on on our Discord. We have characters available in the games library to play, but we also have the widest stock of Arkham available in the UK in store.


Marvel Champions the Card Game

In Marvel Champions, you play an iconic superhero working with others to defeat a dastardly villain and their evil plot. Victory is straightforward; knock out the bad guy (And don’t forget to flex when you do so)!

We play Marvel Champions every Tuesday evening. You’re welcome to turn up with your own deck, but if not we have several available to play in our library.


Disney Lorcana Card Game

We play Lorcana twice a week, on Thursdays we run a welcoming casual tournament, on Saturday mornings we run a casual learn and play event. Please buy tickets on our events page here.

You’re welcome to turn up with your own deck but if not we have several available to play in our library.


Star Wars Unlimited Card Game

We play Star Wars Unlimited every Wednesday we run a casual, event with friendly tournaments if the numbers work out. Please buy tickets on our events page here.