Role-Playing Games

We play a lot of Role-Playing Games at The Ludoquist. If you're not aware, Role-Playing Games are where one player (The Gamesmaster) creates a world or scenario, and the other players act as characters in that world. Some RPGs have a lot of very precise, detailed rules, where others are more free-form, depending more purely on the player's imaginations.

The best-known RPG (Featured in Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory) is Dungeons and Dragons. We have several groups who come to us regularly to play D and D. 

Every Tuesday evening, we have a drop-in Role-Playing evening starting at 6.30 for 7pm. Anyone can show up, and we always seem to get everyone into a game of some sort - often Call of Cthulhu, Ikons, Third Age, but often others.

Monday-Thursday, Role-Playing Games count as Bring Your Own Games, which we charge at £2/person.

 We have a Discord Server where you can discuss RPGs with us!