Role-Playing Games

We play a lot of Role-Playing Games at The Ludoquist. If you're not aware, Role-Playing Games are where one player (The Gamesmaster) creates a world or scenario, and the other players act as characters in that world. Some RPGs have a lot of very precise, detailed rules, where others are more free-form, depending more purely on the player's imaginations.

The best-known RPG (Featured in Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory) is Dungeons and Dragons. We have several groups who come to us regularly to play D and D. 


 We have a Discord Server where you can discuss RPGs with us!

We are supported by Bits and Mortar, who provide free .pdf copies of many of our roleplaying products when you buy them from us.  If you order books from any of the following roleplaying games then we will send you a download link shortly after your order; Call of Cthulhu, Dresden Files, Fate, Runequest, Heroquest, Wrath and Glory, Vampire.

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