Wheels vs Doors

Players: 2-20

Playing time: 30+ minutes

Age: 8+

WHAT ARE THERE MORE OF IN THE WORLD? Wheels Vs Doors asks the questions that nobody has ever asked. Like ‘what is there more of in the world?’ Airports or Hippos, Bristles on a Toothbrush or Varieties of cheese, rivets in the Eiffel Tower or characters to have appeared on The Simpsons. 

In this party game, players must decide what are there more in the world of. You will have 5 poker style chips, start with 3 wheel and door tokens and will be asked what you think there is more of in the world, and will be comparing two things each time. 

Bet your chips and then flip the card to reveal the answer! The team or players who guess correctly score Wheel or Door cards linked to how many chips they put down. The first player or team to 10 Wheel/Door cards is the winner

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