Tiny Ninjas

The original Tiny Ninjas, also referred to as Tiny Ninjas OG.

A 1-2 player fast-action card and dice battling game. Players start with 10 health and compete by attacking and defending with ninja cards in an effort to reduce their opponent's health to zero. Whoever does this first, wins.

Players take turns using ninja cards to either attack or defend, as each ninja can be used in both these ways. So it’s important for players to manage their hands with which ninjas they decide will be used to attack and which ones will be saved to defend.

Many attack/ability effects are determined with a dice roll, which can be done right inside of the lid as the whole box transforms into the play area. The color-blind friendly, multi-use dice can each be rolled to produce two different sets of results. (Four sets total)

Featuring 24 original ninja characters with beautiful and vibrant artwork. Tiny Ninjas offers a highly-engaging, fast-paced experience that’ll have players wanting a rematch over and over again.