The Great American Mail Race

Got what it takes to deliver? Prove you’re the best mail carrier in town with USPS: The Great American Mail Race, a lightly strategic and family-friendly game packed with nostalgia.

You now work for the beloved United States Postal Service and your mission is to deliver as much mail as possible to some of the best-named towns in America like Jackpot, Booger Hole, and Whynot!

Plan your mail route with Transport Cards using 13 official USPS methods of transportation, from pony express and 4x4 to hot-air balloon and rocket. Watch out for rival carriers who might “assist” you and take your mail!

Score points for delivering mail across four U.S. regions and earn bonus points for collecting Postcards, same-day deliveries, hometown pickups or delivering fragile parcels without air transport. Stamp your Delivery Slip using the included iconic USPS mailbox stamper to keep track.

Once the deck of Transport Cards runs out, add up the points.

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