The Dream-Eaters Subscription (Investigator and Campaign Box)

“There are twists of time and space, of vision and reality, which only a dreamer can divine…”- H.P. Lovecraft, “The Silver Key”

There is a hidden realm outside the world of the waking: a realm of whimsy, imagination, and nightmares. After occult author Virgil Gray writes about his adventures in these “Dreamlands,” you decide to set forth and learn the truth for yourself. Nothing could have prepared you for the terrible wonders that dwell on the other side…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Dream-Eaters, the penultimate pair of repackaged expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Return to the fifth cycle of content for Arkham Horror LCG with The Dream-Eaters Investigator Expansion and The Dream-Eaters Campaign Expansion. Just like with previous cycles, all player cards for this cycle can be found within the Investigator Expansion while all campaign- and scenario-related cards can be found in the Campaign Expansion. This is the perfect opportunity for new fans of the game to experience its fifth full-length campaign, and for longtime fans to catch up on any parts they may have missed. Whether you want just one of the expansions or both, no Arkham fan will want to miss out on The Dream-Eaters!

Note: Any longtime fans of Arkham Horror: The Card Game who already own everything from the original The Dream-Eaters cycle will not find any new cards or content within these two expansions.