The Blob that Investigated Everything

Ever since 8L-08 Smith was just a little, definitely-human boy, he always dreamed of one day visiting Arkham. As a connoisseur of fine cuisine, 8L-08 grew up hearing stories about all the incredible meals Arkham had to offer: hors d’oeuvres that wore shoes, main courses that rolled about on wheels, and even towering desserts that had other food inside them. When 8L-08 arrived in Arkham, however, things weren’t quite how he imagined them. The food there was a little hard to stomach, and it kept attacking 8L-08, almost like it didn’t want to be eaten. Still, a setback like that isn’t enough to stop 8L-08 Smith, and he is determined to sample a little bit of everything.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present 8L-08 Smith, a brand-new, print-and-play investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

FFG have informed us we aren't really allowed to sell the Blob, but we are determined to give 0.01% of all sale to an extremely worthy charity. (Don't forget to fill this with some blurb before publishing).

Shipping will need to be arranged at your own expense. Please do note the weight of this product )(When last measured: 999 Tonnes - seems to be going up.

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