Star Wars Destiny Sealed/Draft - March 27th

Star Wars Destiny Sealed/Draft - March 27th





£12 for your 4 Legacies booster packs + table fee



Start time:


6:00pm (please arrive promptly)





This event will be a half sealed (using the 4 legacies booster you'll buy), and then 3 packs made from the older sets from a draft cube (which we will draft from).

The Legacies packs you purchase you'll keep.
The others will be returned to the cube at the end of the evening. 

Each player needs a Rivals Draft Set. Either bring your own copy, buy one, or borrow one of the cafe copies.

How it works:


- On arrival purchase your 4 Legacies booster packs. Do not open them yet!

- When we're all ready we'll open the 4 Legacies Boosters (you keep these!)

-  Each player will be dealt 15 random cards from the draft cube, select a single card, and pass the remaining cards to your left for the next player to select a single card before passing the remaining cards on again.

- Once the draft portion is finished, you'll need to construct a deck of 20-30 cards. You can add as many copies of a card to your deck as you want, even crossing the boundaries of morality to mix hero, villain, and neutral cards in the same deck.

- There will be 3 or 4 initial rounds, followed by a top cut (if time allows). Each round will be capped at 40mins.

The winner will get a Legacies booster pack.