Shiver Cursed Library

A collection of terrifying tales for the award winning SHIVER RPG that really show the games ability to portray any setting and sub-genre you love. From Weird Wild West, to Arctic Special Ops Teams, to outer-space explorers, as long as something strange is going on SHIVER has you covered.
  • A Military operation discovers horrors aboard a lost ship in the Arctic circle.
  • A group of 1980's kids explore a haunted house on Halloween night.
  • A Wild West posse investigates mysterious disappearances at a mountain mine.
  • A crew answers a distress signal in the uncharted depths of deep space, only to find more than just survivors.
  • Broken down with no way home, a group search for help at an old farmhouse through the cornfields.

The Cursed Library is a collection of stories including:

  • 128 Full Colour pages packed with illustrations in Hardcover binding
  • 5 stories from a range of genres including, sci-fi, weird wild west, Americana, Kids on Bikes
  • New items and enemies galore to play in the stories or add to your own creations
  • Detailed maps and encounters

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