Sentinel Comics RPG: GM's Kit

This Game Moderator Kit includes useful tools for running super-powered RPG adventures!

• A double-sided dry-erase scene tracker with standard scene tracker on one side and a black-and-white, customizable scene tracker on the other

• A total of 16 double-sided, dry-erase challenge, minion, and lieutenant cards

• 6 blank dry-erase cards for you to use as needed for tracking hero turns in the action order or whatever dastardly deeds your villains may have up their sleeves

• A tear-off pad of 100 full-color double-sided blank hero character sheets

• A tear-off pad of 100 full-color single-sided blank villain sheets

• A 4-panel GM screen with exciting, full-color art on one side and a ton of handy info on the other

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