Marvel Champions: The Once and Future Kang Scenario Pack

Players: 1-4

Playing time: 45-90 mins

Age: 14+

Expansion: Base game required to play


Few villains have challenged you in the same way as the indomitable Kang. You’ll face Kang in the present day and across the multifarious timestreams, battling his incarnations through the centuries in a scenario that’s unlike any other. With expert versions of Kang to swap in if you’re looking for a greater challenge and three modular encounter sets that you can pull into this scenario or any other, The Once and Future Kang promises to push you and your fellow heroes to their limits.

In any scenario, the villain that you face and your friends by your side have been the constant factors. No matter where your battle takes place or what treacherous schemes are thrown in your direction, you can count on having your fellow heroes battling alongside you as you work together to KO the villain as quickly as possible. But you have never faced a villain quite like Kang before.

There’s a new villain on the way for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, and it may be the greatest adversity your heroes have yet faced. It’s a fight across time for the future of mankind… and all other possible futures! Do you have what it takes to defeat Kang?

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