Lorcana Ursula's Return Store Championship - Saturday July 20th 6pm

Please note these tickets are limited to 2 per customer, we will cancel any orders above 2 if you cannot attend and do not let us know within 24 hours of the start of the event we cannot offer a refund.

This ticket gives you entry for the Ludoquist Lorcana Ursula's Return Store Championship.

We will be running a 16 player event, each player will receive a booster pack for playing. The top 8 players will earn an additional 2 boosters, the top 4 players will also win a Ursula – Sea Witch Queen promo card. Second place will additionally win a Ursula – Sea Witch Queen Playmat. and First place will receive the Champion version of the playmat.

This will be a constructed event with 4 50-minute Swiss rounds followed by a top cut for the top 4 players. Please arrive at 5:30pm for registration. Please note that this event may run past our normal closing time.