Lorcana Casual League - Thursday 11th April 7pm

It's Season 3 of our Lorcana, the Disney card game, casual league. Bring along your own deck and play, or we have some starter decks in the cafe if you just want to learn!

This is going to be a very casual format, where you are encouraged to come along, learn, teach, and play the game. You will get points for winning games, but you will also get points for turning up, teaching, bringing along new players, wearing Disney kit, and generally having fun.

The league will award prizes at the end of every 4 weeks (1 round), and there are a fair amount, so if you miss a week you may still get prizes!

This ticket gets you entry and a (Inklands) booster pack!


Construct a deck following Lorcana rules - so at least 60 cards, no more than two colours - a starter deck will be fine, add some cards to it if you want. Or use one of our decks.

We will be playing best of three games, then swapping opponents.

The event will start at 7pm, please try to arrive by 6.45 for registration.

Points will be awarded for:

  • Sign up for a League round - 1 point
  • Win a match -2 points
  • Lose a match - 1 point
  • Teach someone how to play Lorcana in the cafe - 2 points
  • Bring someone new to play in the League - 1 point
  • Wear something with a favourite animated Disney character on it - 1 point

Special points are available once in this 4-week period for:

  • Spot the difference: at least 25 cards in your deck are dalmatians (Pongo, Patch, Rolly, Lucky, Perdita, dalmatian Puppy): 1 point
  • Is it really a small world?: have 3 different locations in play
  • A new Smee: Have Piglet -  Pooh Pirate Captain and any Captain Hook in Neverland: 1 point
  • The Ocean chose you!: Gramma Tala is defeated when Moana is in play: 1 point


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