Virtual Keyforge Tournament

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, The Ludoquist (a FLGS in Croydon, South London) have made the difficult decision to do what they can to help the situation and consequently have closed their doors until things improve sufficiently to open again.
However, they still want to do what they can keep people gaming. With this in mind, The Ludoquist is going to run a weekly Sealed KeyForge event, using a mix of real products and prizes and the virtual power of the Internet.
For £8.99, you will get a real life Worlds Collide deck (to be collected when The Ludoquist re-opens), entry into an online Sealed Worlds Collide tournament played on The Crucible Online (TCO) ( - a free online KeyForge playing website, using Challonge ( - a free tournament organising tool and Discord ( - a free voice and chat tool, and a guaranteed prize for 1st place, regardless of the number of players taking part (prizes also to be collected when The Ludoquist re-opens).
The tournaments will be held every Tuesday at 7pm (just like they would be if The Ludoquist was open, only even more frequently - every Tuesday instead of just 2nd and 4th Tuesdays). In order to take part, make sure you buy your ticket by 5pm (at the latest) on the relevant Tuesday from The Ludoquist website (
You will be sent your deck's QR code just before the start of the tournament, which you will need to register in the KeyForge Master Vault and then TCO.
If you have any problems using any of the online tools involved in the tournament, feel free to get in touch with me and I will help you with whatever you're struggling with. The sooner we go through them, the easier it will be on the night of the tournament.
This is a difficult time for a lot of people and The Ludoquist want to do what they can to help people live life as close to normal as possible. Plus, if we want The Ludoquist to still be there whenever everything returns to normal, we need to do what we can to support them.
Thank you.