Horrified American Monsters

For 1 to 5 players 10 years and up. 45 – 60 minutes playing time. Includes rules for solo gameplay

Work together to protect the town of Cross Creek from Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, Mothman, the Chupacabra, the Ozark Howler, and the Banshee of the Badlands! Each monster requires a different strategy to defeat. Adjust the difficulty by facing different groups of monsters, each represented by a sculpted miniature. Will you be victorious against America’s legendary cryptids? Work together to save the town from classic cryptids: Bigfoot, Mothman, the Chupacabra, the Jersey Devil, the Ozark Howler, and the Banshee of the Badlands. Includes handsome, high-quality sculpted miniatures of each cryptid.

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