Great Scott!

Become the greatest inventor of the Victorian age in Great Scott! – The Game of Mad Invention, a farcical card drafting game for 3-5 players.

In Great Scott!, the whimsical 19th century parlour game that never was, 3-5 players build five card inventions with an eye to victory in the inventor's contest at the Great Exhibition. Combine Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable assets with Destructive, Productive, and Transportive concepts to create one of the greatest inventions not known to mankind!

In a game of Great Scott!, you draft cards to add Assets and Concepts to your invention. Matching sets of cards give bonus points, but the biggest prizes are awarded for alliteration. When your invention is finished, explain what it does and how it works to get extra Commendation points from the other inventors. After three rounds, all your scores are totalled and a new Royal Inventor is crowned!

Great Scott! is easy to learn, fast to play, and is guaranteed to amuse, and with over 950 million possible inventions, you'll never play the same game twice!

Will your Bedazzling Bat Borne Brass Balloon outdo your rival's Diabolical Dynamite Driven Duck Dispatcher? Perhaps, if you play your cards right…
This version comes with the Commissions expansion

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