Name 5

Can you name five famous rivers, five British Kings or Queens, or five high-end designers? Name 5 is the quick-thinking team trivia game where teams must name five things fast, before time runs out.
Teams of two or three players compete against others, and move their token the number of spaces that correlates to a dice roll, to land on a coloured space.
A player from that team will pick a card and read the Name 5 challenge, corresponding to the colour of the space on which the token has landed. For example, if you land on a red space, you play the red category.
However, there are four kinds of special spaces: All Play, Flip Flop, Wild and Double Down spaces, where you may have to take turns with other players or answer more than one category.
The aim is to reach the Name 5 space in the centre of the board to win the game.
The questions in this fast-paced game may seem easy, but even if you know all the answers, how will you perform under pressure?
Will you surpass as a glorious gamer, or become a puzzled player?

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