Gamegenic Arkham Horror Investigator Deck - Pre-Order

Gamegenic presents the first officially licensed premium deck box designed specifically for the needs of Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

The exclusive Arkham Horror Investigator Deck Tome is the perfect size for a complete investigator deck, even if the cards are sleeved. Small notches on the bottom allow easy access down to the last card. Without having to open the box, you can see the investigator deck at first glance through the cutouts showing the portrait, class, name and trait of the deck.

Each box contains a matching color card divider. The Arkham Horror Investigator Deck Tome is available in 6 different colors, a unique color for each investigator class (Guardian, Seeker, Rogue, Mystic, Survivor, Neutral). Eder Tomb also fits perfectly into the Dungeon 1100+, Dungeon S 550+, and Games Lair 600+.

OFFICIAL PREMIUM BOX with colorful designs for every investigator class
Offers space for a complete investigator deck, also with a card sleeve (simple)
Unique portrait, class, name and property visible at first glance without