Everyday Heroes RPG: Escape From New York

Travel through the dystopian landscape of Escape from New York—and stop a nuclear bomb from detonating and destroying the city.

In 1988, the crime rate in the United States rose by more than 400 percent. New York City, the site of a massive nerve gas attack by the Soviet Union, is transformed into a maximum-security prison big enough to incarcerate every criminal in the country. Sealed off from the world by a 50-foot containment wall, it is a society in and of itself. Once you go in, you never come back.

As a final security measure, a nuclear bomb has been installed in the head of the Statue of Liberty to destroy the criminals in an emergency—its existence a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately, the revolutionary NLFA have obtained the president's nuclear arming device and is threatening to detonate the bomb unless their demands are met.

Your mission is to recover the arming device and codes before all of New York is reduced to radioactive rubble. Will you avoid the dangerous criminals, navigate the deadly pitfalls of the city, and rescue New York in time?

Highlights of the Escape from New York Cinematic Adventure include:

  • A wealth of lore about the world of the film
  • New hero-building options
  • Tools and guidance for game masters
  • New classes: Street Warrior, Gutter Rat, and Motorhead
  • New background: Born in the Slum
  • New profession: Prison Gladiator

A TTRPG Cinematic Adventure that’s 5e compatible, officially licensed, and set in the world of Escape from New York

    Escape from New York is a Cinematic Adventure for use with the Everyday Heroes Roleplaying Game. You need the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook to understand and play the contents of this book.

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