Egg Slam!

Players: 2+ 

Playing time: 10 minutes

Age: 5+

Egg Slam is a fun, silly, fast paced card game in which players race to call out the colours of eggs laid by the Rainbow Birds! Perfect for teaching your children how mixing primary colours make the colours of the rainbow.

Players deal out a combination of Rainbow Bird and Egg Cards onto 3 piles. When an Egg card appears, players must be the first to place their hand on the Egg Card and call out the correct secondary colour made by mixing the primary colours of the birds, or the backgrounds on each card.

If players answer correctly, they score Egg Cards. At the end of the game, the player with the most Egg Cards wins. This 10-minute game is quick to set up and easy to play, and provides compact, travel-friendly fun for kids and families!

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