Dog park Collector's Edition

Players: 1-4 

Playing time: 40-80 minutes

Age: 10+

Dog Park is a 1-4 player game about collecting and walking all your favourite dogs.

As local dog walkers, you and your friends are trying to set tails wagging by taking the neighbourhood pups on a trip to the dog park. Over four rounds you’ll have the chance to earn the reputation of the best dog walker around by adding dogs to your kennel, walking them through the park, and navigating your fellow walkers along the way.

Choose your dogs and routes carefully to earn the best reputation, win the game, and prove you are the most accomplished walker of them all!

Have your treats and toys packed? Let’s go to the park!

The Collector’s Edition of Dog Park upgrades all the wooden components to feature screenprinting, adds four kennel boards, and two expansions – European Dogs and Famous Dogs – adding 58 brand new dog cards.