Arkham Horror LCG: Out of The Void Investigator Pack

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Out of the Void features the Arkham Horror: The Card Game investigator cards that first appeared in these acclaimed Arkham Horror novellas:

  • Norman Withers featured in the Ire of the Void
  • Silas Marsh, featured in The Deep Gate
  • Carolyn Fern, featured in To Fight The Black Wind
  • Dexter Drake, featured in Blood of Baalshandor
  • Gloria Goldberg, featured in Dark Revelations

Also included are an alternate art version of Jenny Barnes and her two optional new signature cards from the Hour of the Huntress novella, as well as an alternate art version of Roland Banks, and his signature cards from the novella The Dirge of Reason.

These official Fantasy Flight Games cards are produced in partnership with Gamezenter. 

Card Contents of this package are:

Ire of the Void Intro
Norman Withers: The Astronomer Investigator
Split the Angle Signature Asset
Vengeful Hound Weakness
Norman Withers Mini-Card

The Dirge of Reason Intro
Roland Banks: The Fed Investigator
Mysteries Remain Signature Event
The Dirge of Reason Weakness
Roland Banks Mini-Card

Dark Revelations Intro
Gloria Goldberg: The Writer Investigator
Ruth Westmacott Signature Asset
Liber Omnium Finium Weakness
Gloria Goldberg Mini-Card

Hour of the Huntress Intro
Jenny Barnes: The Dilettante Investigator
Green Man Medallion Signature Asset
Sacrificial Beast Weakness
Jenny Barnes Mini-Card

To Fight the Black Wind Intro
Carolyn Fenn: The Psychologist Investigator
Foolishness Signature Asset
To Fight the Black Wind Weakness
Carolyn Fenn Mini-Card

The Deep Gate Intro
Silas Marsh: The Sailor Investigator
Nautical Prowess Signature Skill
Dreams of the Deep Weakness
Silas Marsh Mini-Card

The Blood of Baalshandor Intro
Dexter Drake: The Magician Investigator
Molly Maxwell Signature Asset
Yaztaroth Weakness
Dexter Drake Mini-Card