Adventuring With Pride: A Queero's Journey

Adventuring with Pride: A Queero's Journey contains:

  • Four wonderful adventures, loosely structured into a playable campaign for level three adventurers!
  • Lots of fun magic items!
  • A whole host of GM’s tools including several LGBT themed encounters!
  • New Pride-themed backgrounds and subclasses!
  • Custom character sheets and premade characters to get you started!

About the player characters:

Adventuring with Pride: A Queero’s Journey! features three player characters. They can be used to play through the adventures and A Queero’s Journey! comes with custom character sheets to make this easy.

  • Cecelia LaBouche: An elegant LaRouvian cleric, who uses divine performances to call on the powers of the Diva goddesses
  • Norville Ogilvy: A ranger and member of the long-term unemployed with a variety of hobbies and interests to keep him busy
  • Hallie Hillbottom: A halfling barbarian and former Adventurers Guild contractor who can rain hell down on her foes in any situation

About the adventures:

In A Queero’s Journey!, the party attempt to escort the low-rate local celebrity Tipsy Malone to the glimmering city of Tinselton, through the Forest of Immediate Demise. But with the number of evildoers around, will they ever make it there in one piece?

  • In All Rites Reserved, the party find themselves entangled with a fierce cult of celebrity that is attempting to summon fel beings into the world… with a bit of a hipster twist. Can our heroes save Tipsy and maybe even turn back time itself?
  • In And The Winner Is…, our heroes are whisked off to a magical game show with an audience of 1. The mysterious Host pops up all over the place and his army of Men-At-Arms seem to have their eye on you… Can our heroes figure out the mystery, but most importantly, win the Grand Prize?
  • In Pleasant Heights, Tipsy and the gang make their way to a former hippie commune where people have started to become much more normal all of a sudden. What has happened to them and who is behind the spate of disappearances?
  • In Fights, Camera, Action!, the party finally make it to their destination: the glorious Tinselton, home of the stars. But something is amiss, and danger lurks around every corner. Can the day be saved one final time?

All the adventures are designed around 3 players at level three. In most cases a GMPC has been provided which can increase the player count to four. However, Adventuring with Pride tends to focus on the social interaction and role-playing rather than heavy mechanical details, and any of the adventures can easily be rebalanced around more or fewer players at any level.

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