A Pack of Cats

Players: 1+

Playing time: Variable

Age: 8+

You're trying to play a game of Hearts, or Rummy - or Whist - or whatever you usually play with your perfectly normal sensible standard deck of cards - but something has been moved around.

The suits are now Lasers, Mice, Boxes and Nip. Someone has rearranged the pips somehow. But it all still works perfectly fine. And then... ridiculous cats start turning up. The Queen of Boxes in her cardboard palace. The Jack of Mice brought a present. Actually, there are cats peering around the backs of your whole hand when you fan it out.

This is a pack of standard playing cards lovingly illustrated by artist Viviane Schwarz. You'll also find an extra pair of jokers and rules to use all 4 jokers in many of your favourite card games.