Miniature Colour Brain

Players: 3-6

Playing time: 20 mins

Age: 10+

Please note this is a standalone expansion for Colour Brain. You don't need the base game to play it, but the cards are unique from those found in the original.

No good at quizzes? Great, because in this game we give you all the answers before you start. All you have to do is work out which of the eleven color cards in your hand correctly answers one of Colourbrain’s crafty questions.

Get it right and you could be in luck. Now you need the other teams to get it wrong to walk off with the points — while they turn green with envy.

Each turn a player draws a card that shows a word. The active player also chooses a color-card from his hand that shows the color best matching the word. The other players also choose a color-card from their hands. Answer correctly and your pawn moves closer to the finish.

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