Virtual Keyforge Tournament

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently unable to run our normal twice monthly in-store KeyForge tournaments. However, thanks to the amazing free-to-use website, The Crucible Online (TCO) (, we are able to offer KeyForge players a weekly online Sealed KeyForge tournament instead, using a mix of real products and prizes, and the virtual power of the Internet.

This is a difficult time for a lot of people and we at The Ludoquist want to do what we can to help people live life as close to normal as possible, especially when it comes to playing games, and particularly when it comes to playing KeyForge. Hopefully these tournaments will provide you with a semblance of normality during these difficult times.

For £8.99, you get a real life KeyForge deck and entry into an online Sealed KeyForge tournament played on TCO. You will be able to collect your deck either in person when The Ludoquist is allowed to be open or you can opt to have it posted to you at a time of your choosing - you are welcome to stockpile decks and any prizes you may win.

The deck will usually be from whatever is the current set. However The Ludoquist reserves the right to substitute your deck for a deck from a different set due if there are stock issues. You will be advised in advance of the tournament beginning if this has become necessary and will be able to request a refund at anytime before your deck's QR code has been sent out.

We use Challonge ( - a free tournament organising tool - to organise the pairings and to report the scores, and Discord ( - a free voice and chat tool - to communicate with each other before, during, and after the tournament. The Virtual Ludoquist Discord server can be found here:

Each week there is a guaranteed prize for 1st place, which is given out independently of the number of players taking part, however additional prize support is provided depending on how many players we have for that week.

The tournaments are held every Tuesday at 8:30pm. In order to take part, please purchase your ticket no later than Tuesday 7pm on the day of the tournament (You can of course buy your ticket up to a week in advance).

You will be sent your deck's QR code about 30 minutes before the start of the tournament (i.e. approximately 8pm for an 8:30pm start) and you will need to register your deck in the KeyForge Master Vault and then import it into TCO.

When decks with enhanced cards are used, due to the impracticalities of photographing countless enhanced cards, players are instead allowed to put their enhancements where they please (whilst having to stick to the normal rules of enhancements - i.e. each enhanced card must been assigned at least one enhancement and no enhanced card can have more than five pips in total).

If you have any problems using any of the online tools involved in the tournament, feel free to get in touch with Stuart Green, who can be contacted via Facebook or the Virtual Ludoquist Discord Server. We have a Facebook group called "KeyForge in Croydon at The Ludoquist" ( and this is probably the best way to find Stuart. Stuart will be happy to try to assist you with whatever you might be struggling with regards to any of the online tools we use. The earlier you contact Stuart though, the easier it will be on the night of the tournament.

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